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How to fit Ballet Shoes

How to fit ballet shoes?

It is very common when fitting your first pair of ballet shoes to initially think they are too big or too small.

When fitting ballet shoes, especially on children we recommend the following

  1. Sit the child on a chair
  2. Put the ballet shoes on and put the heel in to the very back of the shoe
  3. Pull the shoe forward- you should just be able to pinch a small amount of leather/ satin infront of the childs big toe

There is a drawstring at the front of the shoe which can be used to bring in any excess around the foot. Just pull it tight and tie in a bow

Leather ballet shoes will stretch. They will mould to the childs foot shape over time

Ballet shoes do not come with a left and right to begin with. They mould to your foot shape with wear. We recommend putting the letter L and R inside the shoe so the child can always wear them on the same foot which will provide maximum comfort

If you are stuck on the ballet shoe size or fitting just give us a call- 01925 752652 or send us an email