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RAD Information

The Royal Academy of Dance, often referred to as RAD, is a United Kingdom based examination board that specialises in dance education and training.
The RAD was founded in the UK in London in the early 1920s. It is one of the largest dance organisations worldwide with each year roughly 250,000 candidates entering examinations with the RAD.
The RAD was created to improve the standard of ballet teaching within the UK, which soon spread worldwide. The RAD produced a method of ballet that is recognised internationally as the English style of ballet dancing. With their attention to detail, the RAD examinations are now one of the most popular classical ballet examinations in the UK. There is no upper age limit and both male and female students can enter the RAD method.
Throughout the grades starting at Pre-Primary in dance to the higher grades, uniform is a must and it is very important. The dance clothing and footwear is similar, however different grades require different uniform in a variety of colours and leotard styles. Many dance schools across the UK and the world have chosen the RAD method to follow, and exams to participate in. Here at Dancingwear UK, we offer a large range of dancewear that is suitable for the RAD uniform.
A uniform is considered extremely important by dance teachers as it helps to create unity among dancers. There are different uniforms for different grades. Please check with your dance teacher as to exact requirements regarding uniform. See below for the uniform and more detail about each grade.